The Custom Galidor Wiki is the first Galidor fanon wiki ever, and will have many in-depth fan articles based off of original or new Galidor characters made by the members of this wiki. Not only this, but information regarding the canon plot of Galidor will be covered on certain pages as well, since the current Galidor wiki seems to lack content.

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Featured Article

Jamie is the very first featured article on the Custom Galidor Wiki, and thus rightly so the first featured article. Jamie is still technically in the process of being made, but that wont stop us!

In Jamie's (original) backstory, Jamie's homeworld was attacked by the Zox Empire, and he was adopted by Wolf-Space Monks (sorry, what?!) who trained him in the ways of Awesome Magic. He then liberated his people and the universe from the Zox empire, killing every last Zox in the process. This was done merely by killing the emperor, whose death somehow caused the spontaneous death of every other Zox. He lived the rest of his life with children and a wife, teaching new people the ways of Awesome Magic.

Jamie has since been edited, but the article remains mostly unchanged, albeit more serious and detailed.

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